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Mission Statement

To increase cultural competence and awareness between law enforcement and the urban youth by using athletics and academics as a vehicle to bind these groups together with an overall goal of eliminating implicit biases.

Our Why

Gentrification, implicit bias, and cultural attitudes that need to be addressed
  • The rapid development in the city of Nashville has introduced severe measures of gentrification, ultimately burdening urban communities with financial hardships. In these areas, gentrification has led to the criminalization of certain neighborhoods in Nashville, creating a spike in juvenile crime. According to Metro Police Stats on October 14, 2021 “violent crime committed by youth is up, compared to this time last year” (WKRN). 

  • Events around the country in combination with media coverage have brought forth a more negative attitude toward law enforcement--those who are intended to be facilitators, protectors, and our most trusted national support system. Through the connection between our nation's youth, the future and potential of our country, and the police force that protects our innocence, we can create a movement toward a better cultural attitude. And it starts locally, right here in the urban areas of Nashville. 

Want to help out?

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